For Seniors

Age is just a number. Everyone deserves a happy, fulfilled life. At TSK Homes, the wellbeing of our seniors resides at the core of everything we do. We have just the right caregiver for you

For the Disabled

We realise how tough life can be for disabled people, and we want to help alleviate their burden. Independent living is still possible and our team of professional caregivers are here to guarantee it.

Homemaker & Chore Aides

If you urgently need professional home care aide for yourself, a friend, or a family member, we are here for you. Our response time within Washington DC is under one hour.

Welcome to TSK Homes

TSK Homes was founded by a registered nurse out of the hunger to improve the lives and physical and emotional wellbeing of elderly and disabled people in the United States. We currently operate within Washington DC. Quality of aide and good customer service are at the core of our values

We Are Certified

We are licensed by Washington DC Department of Health and Human Services to provide homemaker & chore aides services to the elderly and disabled.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Our services are available to all people irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Everyone deserves to live a happy, fulfilled life.

Personal Aides

Assist seniors & the disabled with completing personal tasks

Homemaker Aides

Independent living even in old age or disability.

Home Chore Aides

Professional housekeeping for seniors & the disabled.

Professional Caregivers

Empathetic, experienced caregivers at your disposal.

Why Choose Us?

Your Emotional Needs

Elderly and disabled people deserve to feel safe and loved. They deserve an active fulfilled life, with friends and someone to talk to. We are here to help.

Your Physical Needs

Old age and disability come with certain physical limitations that can be demoralising. Our professional caregivers are here to lift those limitations.

Independent Living

Our goal at TSK Homes is to inspire in elderly and disabled people the confidence to remain independent, active, and fulfilled.

Homemaker & Chore Services

What We Offer



Daily Hygiene


Meal Preparation






Diet & Fitness


Long-Term Care

24/7 CARE

Personal Aide


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Who can benefit from your services?

Our homemaker and chore aide services are specifically tailored to meet the physical and emotional needs of elderly and disabled people irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political leaning, and race. If you have a loved one within the said demographic, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our professional caregivers are here to help.

Who are your team members?

Our homemaker and chore aide staff have been meticulously vetted and come from various disciplines in the health and hospitality sectors. Our team includes nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, physical therapists, speech therapists, registered dietitians, and professional housekeepers & maids.

Are you licensed by the state?

Yes. Our founder is a registered nurse, and we are licensed by Washington DC Department of Health and Human Services.

How do you match clients with caregivers?

At TSK Homes, we understand that each individual case is unique. No two elderly or disabled people are completely the same. Therefore, we first conduct thorough personality matches to ensure that each client is assigned a caregiver that can fulfill the special needs and requirements unique to their case.

What Our Clients Say

  • I can’t thank you enough for your support and understanding. It was such a difficult time for my family and I’m glad that you got us through it.

    Joy Koya
    Joy Koya Investment Banker
  • You made life easier for my mum. I just thought I should take a moment to say thank you. Cheers.

    Melanie Reynolds
    Melanie Reynolds Estate Manager
  • I’m kind of really impressed that they have nurses on staff. That’s apart from regular caregivers, whom I have to say were very professional. Thank you very much.

    Jacky Smith
    Jacky Smith Sales Analyst
  • TSK Homes helped my wife and I improve many aspects of our lives, especially our social life. I recommend to other people.

    Gerald Hopkins
    Gerald Hopkins Retired Teacher
  • The personal assistant they assigned to my father was very dedicated. Such a hard working man. He sure does know what he is doing.

    Clare Lawson
    Clare Lawson Self Employed
  • They fixed us up with a wonderful caregiver who made our meals, ran errands, and also did overall housekeeping. I can’t even begin to wonder what our lives would have been without her.

    Bec & Rhys
    Bec & Rhys On Retirement